Maison BangBang is an LA based fashion label which combines luxury and the art of fashion with sustainable innovation.

Reinventing classic styles with a decadent approach centered on bold and unexpected details, an elegant attitude, glamour and a sense of empowerment.

What We Think

Here at Maison BangBang, we made our bags loud and called them BangBang, because just like a bang, everyone should be heard.

We believe that everyone in this world has the right to express themselves and that by doing so, we can all discover new perspectives, make new friends and even understand our enemies.

Don’t be a wall flower. Never go by unnoticed and next time you step into that room, do so with a bang!

What We Do

BangBang pieces are designed in France and constructed in the finest responsibly produced non-animal (vegan) materials, hand crafted with exceptional attention to detail and finished with bespoke branded hardware. 

Every collection designed and created by Maison BangBang is produced in strictly limited numbers and available exclusively on our website.

Who made my Maison BangBang products? 

We believe in creating a better world and that begins with people. We consider every step in our supply chain and focus on the lives of all the people our brand touches. 

The factory we work with was carefully selected for its dedication to craft and quality. And most importantly, its dedication to its people and the environment.

Why Maison BangBang?

We are all a force to be reckoned with in our own way. Fierce, honest, charismatic and ambitious, bold and daring, armed with nothing but passionate desire. Never go by unnoticed.